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Patriarch Distillers/Soldier Valley Spirits

12251 Cary Circle, La Vista, Nebraska 68128

July 18, 2019 - 5:00pm to 10:00pm

Prizes Available:

Best in Show = A bottle of our 12yr Signature Rye

Best in show runner up = A bottle of our 75th Anniversary, D-Day Bourbon

Founders Favorite = A bottle of our 6yr. Bourbon

“Register” your car at time of event inside the distillery, drawings for prizes will be chosen at the end of the evening.

Bring the nicest ride you’ve got and display it for the public! We will be holding our first ever Whiskey and Wheels on Thursday, July 18th 2019, from 5-10pm. Let’s make it a party! It is open to the public! So please bring the Nicest Car/SUV/Truck/Sedan you’ve got! Don’t worry, daily drivers are welcome too! Please join us and make this event as amazing as possible! Please fill up Lot #2 before Lot #3:) check discussion for details!