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La Vista Sports Complex

7346 S 66th St La Vista, NE

May 6, 2018 -
12:00pm to 4:00pm

The Midwest Winds Kitefliers Club will be sponsoring this National Kite Month Event. FREE event for the general public. 

*Come see professional kite fliers and their Large inflatable sea creatures from 12 to 150 feet long. 

*Sindle line, art kites, 2 and 4 line stunt controllable sport kites demonstrations to be awed. 

*50 foot inflatable caterpillar that kids love to crawl under. The will look like a circus.

*Free candy drops from a kite up in the sky for the kids. 

*All above will be featured as weather, wind, manpower of club members, and time will permit.